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Dr Craig McGregor

Dr Craig McGregor

B.Clin Sci M.Ost Med

Craig McGregor is originally from Kiama on NSW's south coast. A childhood involved with gymnastics, surfing and later yoga, fostered an interest in human movement and health.


Craig has a masters degree in osteopathic medicine and has pursued post graduate studies in cranial osteopathy, biodynamics, paediatrics, nutrition, dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS) and integrative breathing therapy.


He is interested in how our interaction with the environment impacts our system. Craig tries to identify why pain or dysfunction may be present, and seek ways to help a patient improve their functional capacity for health. Craig treats a wide section of the community, from infants to the elderly and uses the full spectrum of osteopathic techniques to best match treatment to the individual. He also uses exercise/movement, nutrition and breathing techniques to assist a patient in their pursuit of health


When not in the clinic, Craig is either surfing or spending time with his lovely wife and two daughters.

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