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Naturopathy offers natural healthcare solutions for the whole family. Herbal and nutritional medicine, dietary and lifestyle recommendations are used to treat a wide range of acute and chronic symptoms and disease, prevent chronic illness and support optimal body function and health for the long term.

Our naturopath, Emma has extensive experience working with gastrointestinal health conditions and improving gut ecology, women’s reproductive health conditions and naturally supporting hormonal balance.


Emma enjoys working with families, and is passionate about using naturopathic treatment for optimising children’s and teen’s growth, development, gut and immune health, getting children off the antibiotic cycle, resolving acute infections naturally, and strengthening immune and gastrointestinal function. She also works with allergies, stress support, mood disorders, weight loss, and cardio metabolic health conditions.

Are you looking for treatment of Neck or Back Pain?

With over 15 years of combined clinical experience we offer treatment of skeletal, joint and muscular conditions

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