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August Newsletter - All about fascia

Hi Everyone,

You will often hear during your assessment or treatment, us (trying) to explain why the function or dysfunction of an area of your body is affecting the function of another. Ultimately we know that all parts of the body are connected, the body tissue that connects all parts of the body is fascia. Fascia is the web of connective tissue that surrounds and connects every muscle and organ, forming continuity throughout the body. Fascia is a communication network that organises the body into a functional whole. Traditionally, fascia was thought of as a passive structure. However, it is now evident that fascia is a dynamic tissue with complex vasculature and innervation. Collagen, the main protein in fascia is found in very apparently different areas in the body. It's varied use includes the transparent cornea of the eye, the strong tendons of the foot, the spongy tissue of the lung, bone and the membranes surrounding the brain!! Although these tissues have different names, they are all basically made of the same "stuff" and either directly or indirectly connect every part of the body to every other part of the body.

Fascia is also capable of transmitting electrical signals throughout the body has been shown to be intimately involved with the autonomic nervous system as a sensory target organ with semiconductive, piezoelectric, and photoconductive properties. These electronic currents within fascia can be altered by external influences via mechanotransduction and cause a physiologic response in neighbouring structures. This forms the basis of some of the current thinking about how our treatment does what it does on a cellular level. And why modern biomedical research favours a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment.  Also, Craig is going to put in another essential oils order. If you would like to order anything, please email it to I am away next week so will place the order before the end of August.

Craig & Alison

Milton Osteopathic Clinic  4454 4995


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