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Hi Everyone,

Running a business and having a young family can be a constant challenge, especially when we endeavour to meet the needs of our existing patients, upskill our techniques and keep up to date with evolving research within the health industry. Managing the business requires a lot of out of hour hard work and behind the scene preparation.  


A big part of this year has been dedicated to creating a new web page and a new look for our online presence, and with the help of Launch Web Design and Girl Friday Remote Services, we are really delighted to share our combined efforts with you. now showcases our services and includes all aspects of the business such as osteopathy, pre and post natal services, paediatric and cranial osteopathy, dry needling, massage and naturopathy.  We think it looks great and will be offering new updates and blogs on there every month.  If you haven't already had a peak, tale a look, all feedback very welcome.

We are also increasing our social media posts so if you are not already following up on FaceBook and Instagram start now to see weekly updates and some offers.  Sharing our stories and posts is a big part in raising awareness of small businesses, so if you think what we do is beneficial, feel free to spread the love!


Some of you may not be aware that we offer remedial massage on Mondays, Thursdays and Friday's. These are with the Naturopath Emma, and provide a really important part in restoring and maintaining musculoskeletal health alongside osteopathy. 

If you book and pay for 2 massages before 1/12/19, you will receive a 3rd massageABSOLUTELY FREE!! Now that is an offer you cant refuse yourself. 


There is also chance until 1st of December to WIN A FREE MASSAGE go to our facebook and instagram account to see how!


Have you made the most of your private healthcover benefits this year?  So many of you pay for extras with your healthcover but do not use them all up each year.  Most private health companies renew these benefits each calender year so make sure you book in before christmas to make the most of your entitlements.

Alison & CraigMilton Osteopathic Clinic  4454 4995


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